In Blue

October 2018
New York, New York

In Blue 
is a one-night-only performance inspired by recent explorations centered around ancient archetypes, recounted texture and felt experience. Join us on a West Village rooftop for an autumn evening of immersive performance and intimate conversation. 

Created & Choreographed by Katherine Maxwell

Robyn Ayers, Lir Katz, Tilly Evans-Krueger, Xenia Mansour, Koliane Rochon Prom Tep and Gabriella Sibeko

Wardrobe by Helen Franco
Signature Cocktails and Wine provided by Michelin-2018 Meadowsweet

Special Thanks
Alixandra Hornyan, Sean Holloway, Selvi Messi, Jordan Carrier, Taylor Antisdel, Rowan Spencer, Theo Rosenthal, Zachary Richardson, Ellie Roscoe, Cerrie Bamford and Julian Piscioneri

Performance Photography by Julian Piscioneri

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