Presented by Hivewild with AHarts
brooklyn, NY

Concept & Choreography: KATHERINE MAXWELL
: Rowan Spencer
Dancers: Zachary Richardson & Koliane Rochon Prom Tep
Wardrobe: Sara Shanahan

In conjunction with the exhibition Topographies, Pathx parallels the visual and abstract characteristics of contoured lines found on a topographical map. Mirroring grooves of the land, the relationship between the dancers demonstrates how unique bonds transcend layers of superficiality in order to rely on a magnetic, timeless connection. 

*Starting on the corner of Grattan St. and Bogart Street

AH Arts and VICTORI + MO present Topographies, an exhibition of new work from Jemila MacEwan and Karin Waskiewicz located at VICTORI + MO Gallery in Bushwick. An opening reception will be held on July 28th from 6-9pm and a closing reception will be held on August 20th from 4-6pm. From open studios to performances, a broad series of events will be held every Saturday to accompany the exhibition. Curated by Alixandra Hornyan for AH Arts, a curatorial initiative focused on the work of innovative emerging artists, Topographies will comprise of a new series of ceramic sculptures by Jemila MacEwan, and paintings by Karin Waskieicz which confront issues of transformation and displacement. 

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